Max Schmiel

14 November 2017

From January until June 2017 I was granted the opportunity to learn about Biogas and further issues concerning renewable energy and sustainable agriculture as an intern at Yayasan Rumah Energi. My program started out with quality inspections and meetings with partner organisations around Central Jawa and the Special Region of Yogyakarta to get a good grip of Biogas Rumah (BIRU)’s day to day activities.

When I had settled in and was familiar enough with all the aspects of BIRU’s operations, I set out for other provinces. The journey took me to Sumba, Lombok, Bali and Sulawesi, where I would gather material for articles on the BIRU website as well as try to investigate the perception of organic, sustainable agriculture in Indonesia. Conversations with biogas users throughout Indonesia gave me a good perspective of what the potential of biogas is and how to exploit it better. I was able to learn a lot from longtime biogas users about difficulties in the application of the organic fertilizer and was able to hand on their knowledge to other users by giving them (hopefully helpful) advice.

Overall, my stay with BIRU was one of the greatest experiences of my life, as it not only taught me a lot about organic farming, but also brought me into contact with many wonderful people across the country who gave me a deeper insight on Indonesian culture.