Myora Kane

9 November 2017

I’ve almost finish a 4 week internship with Biogas Rumah in the Klaten office.

I’m an Australian student studying Indonesian and Chemical engineering so Biogas Rumah (BIRU) is the perfect internship for me.

Over my month internship, I’ve gone to the field on numerous quality inspections of biogas reactors in Central Java. I’ve also attended various GADING Programme’s training seminars in both Central and West Java, on topics such as gender, bio slurry and lemna (duckweed). In the 3rd week of my internship I went along to various meeting with credit unions, micro finance organisations and Bank Jateng and observed as connections were established between them all to build a project that aimed to make small loans available to farmers who want to invest in biogas. I spent a week in West Jawa visiting the Bandung and Jakarta offices. While there I went to the field and had the opportunity to observe the biogas programs in the communities there. It was interesting to compare the communities on Central Java and West Java, even just noticing the cultural and geographical differences. I’ve helped write pieces for the websites, learnt about the engineering side of the biogas, the varies ways bio-slurry can be used. Drawing on these experiences in the field I helped write a section of a grant application for the Jakarta office.