Rae Nuss Suharto

19 November 2017

As a part of my Bachelors degree in International Studies, I was required to undertake a two-month internship at a company of my choice and I was interested in finding one associated with sustainable development or alternative energy. I first became aware of Biogas Rumah (BIRU) through a friend that had interned with them in the Klaten office only a few months before, and after hearing about his positive experience I was intrigued to find out more for myself.

The Provincial Coordinator of BIRU’s office in Central Java &the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Pak Willem, and his team welcomed me on board straightaway sharing everything there is to know about bio-digesters, biogas, and bio-slurry. This internship took me to more places around Central Java than I would have ever imagined. I went from village to village visiting and monitoring biogas digesters while also interacting with, and learning how, the families who use biogas benefit from it and its important by-product, bio-slurry. Not only did I visit domestic biogas plants using cow waste for household use, but I also had the opportunity to visit factories and farms using alternative materials to feed their bio-digester, such as a quail farm, chicken farm, and a tofu factory. I got to see first hand the way that biogas can help its users through the creation of a clean energy source, as well as its ability to reduce user expenses and reliance on fossil fuels.BIRU not only aims to promote biogas technology, but they also contribute to improving the quality of life for its users while also addressing broader local and global environmental issues.

In just two months I have gained an understanding of BIRU’s day-to-day activities, learnt a large amount about the agricultural sector of Indonesia, the engineering behind the construction of biogas digesters, as well as the number of ways bio-slurry can be used.Ialso found it great to learn that BIRU not only promotes the consumption of biogas, but they also encourage the use of bio-slurry so that all aspects of biogas creation are utilized, even the waste.

My time with BIRU has been a great learning experience and it all comes down to the enthusiasm and eagerness from the team at BIRU to spread the biogas spirit. So for that,I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to be a part of this program! And for anyone wanting to learn more about the biogas industry, or to gain experience in the environmental or renewable energy sector, I would highly recommend BIRU as a program that you should not miss.