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Assistance in Cibeureum River Basin

Cibereum River is one of the important rivers as it is providing water for the city of Bandung which has a length of up to 12 km. The upper reaches of the Cibereum River are located in two village areas; Sukajaya Village, Lembang District and Cihideung Village, Parongpong District are both included in the administration area of ​​West Bandung Regency.

Unfortunately, there is a high level of livestock waste pollution in the Cibereum Watershed. This is because the Cibereum watershed is surrounded by cattle ranchers who have low knowledge about the utilization of organic waste from livestock manure. The population of dairy cows in the two villages is fairly dense, with estimates exceeding 1,000 cows. People with minimal knowledge are accustomed to dumping animal waste into rivers which causes high pollutants and results in sedimentation.

In an effort to overcome the problem of river pollution and maximize the use of livestock waste for the welfare of the environment and society, Rumah Energi and Perum Jasa Tirta II carry out a short three-month program to reduce river waste contamination with an integrated and sustainable approach to livestock waste management for environmental and community welfare.

In the span of October – December 2019, infrastructure activities such as the construction of biogas reactors, construction of organic fertilizer production installations, construction of worm culture facilities, and the construction of simple wastewater treatment plants (IPAL) have been well implemented. Then, for community assistance activities such as increasing environmental awareness, training in waste management, strengthening institutional groups, and entrepreneurship training, has also been carried out. Infrastructure development and facilitation approaches are adapted to existing local wisdom and with active participation from farmers.

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