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Rumah Energi provides services for providing solutions in various aspects, such as policy advocacy, product research and development, data analysis, and business incubation.

After undergoing a number of programs with their own obstacles and problems, Rumah Energi continues to be determined to develop in finding the best solution. We believe, the problem we face is something that can be a lesson for our organization and others. Therefore, Rumah Energi strives to provide the best solution for clients.

Policy Advocacy
Rumah Energi is aware of the crucial role of policy advocacy in driving the renewable energy sector in Indonesia.
Product Research, Development, and Implementation
Renewable energy provided by Rumah Energi cannot be separated from technological development
Data Analytics
Recognizing the important role of data in running a program, Rumah Energi provides services including data analysis.
Business Incubation
In alleviating poverty, Rumah Energi contributes to the assistance of social business incubation.
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