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Success Stories

KSPPS Al-Roudloh Help Members with Loans from LPDB-KUMKM

Ngumbul Village, Todanan District, Blora Regency

The Blessing of Supandi’s Harvest Using Bio-slurry

Bandung Rejo Village, Boliyohuto District, Gorontalo

Benefits of Biogas for the Kitchen Cannot Be Underestimated

Dungus Hamlet, Mundu Village, Tulung Subdistrict, Klaten

Integrated Collaboration towards Low Carbon District

Coconut and corn plantations have become a reflection of people's lives in Gorontalo Regency because both of which have become

Educational Tourism with Biogas for the Next Generation’s Future

Sendang District, Tulungagung Regency, East Java
Mrs. Slamet's ornamental flowers exhibition

My Heart Continues to Bloom, Even During Corona

Getasan District, Central Java, Indonesia
Yayasan Rumah Energi 2024