People Power
Rumah Energi provides access to the people of Indonesia to clean energy
and food security in efforts to improve people's economy,
alleviate poverty, reduce disaster risks and adapt to
and mitigate climate change.
Climate-Smart Agriculture
As an effort to mitigate and adapt to climate change in the agricultural sector,
Rumah Energi supports the community in increasing commodity
productivity, increasing community resilience, and reducing greenhouse gases
through appropriate technological innovations.
Adding value to
Business Entrepreneurs
Rumah Energi has a role in improving the community's economy and alleviating
poverty through increasing community participation in economic activities
and assisting business people in accelerating and accessing credit to
financial institutions.
Empowering Social
finance biogas installations
Rumah Energi has established a biogas credit payment system through partner institutions,
such as Cooperatives, Banks, Peer to Peer Lending, and others, which have
partnerships or are part of the Credit Provider Network network.
Access credit to

By giving the community access to what they need we believe will bring them into a better living.

Yayasan Rumah Energi (Rumah Energi) has carried out various programs and projects including opening access to renewable energy and food security that provide not only improvement in the quality of life, health and economy of the community, but also the achievement of Indonesia’s targets in climate change adaptation and mitigation.


Our Operation Map

To date Rumah Energi has operated in 14 provinces, working closely with relevant governments, the private sector and local communities together to build access for the community to clean energy, food security and efforts to improve socio-economy.

Program BIRU
The Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme is an initiative of Hivos and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
Biogas RESCO
The Domestic Biogas Program (BIRU) involves multi parties from various groups including construction partners
Puan Inspiratif Batch 1
YRE empowers women entrepreneurs who have an important role in the economy and the family.
Pro Women
Pro-Women: Empowering and Assisting Women Entrepreneurs on Lombok
Yayasan Rumah Energi 2021