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Biogas Sensor System (Smart Biogas)

YRE has made innovations to facilitate real-time monitoring and data collection activities by installing a biogas sensor system. The biogas sensor system can monitor such as if there is a leak, gas is not running smoothly, the user’s daily usage rate, and gas collection. For the procurement of biogas sensors, YRE has collaborated with Connected Energy as a partner.

The biogas sensor system consists of one Smart Meter which can support one or two sensors (static and flow sensors). The sensor is connected to a Venturi via a small gas pipe which allows readings to be taken from the gas line. Smart Meter sends information to the web where the data can then be analyzed.

By using solar PV as an energy source for the sensor, there is no need for electricity for this sensor. In addition, sensor monitoring data can be viewed directly on the website which can be accessed at https://app.smartbiogas.io to then create an account so that users can log in.

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