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Policy Advocacy

By having a series of programs involving various parties, YRE has actively cooperated with the Indonesian government in providing policy advocacy in the renewable energy sector. One of the example is generating new empirical research to help make policy decisions.

Data Analytic

Long experience in the world of renewable energy, especially biogas, has made YRE able to provide data processing facilities from the biogas sector. Examples of data that can be processed include information on the functioning status of biogas, the effectiveness of funding sources, and the location of biogas development with geospatial technology.

Product Research, Development,
and Implementation

The development is related to the BIRU program with new
innovations, namely Mini Home Biogas (BIOMIRU). Not only breeders can benefit from biogas, even urban communities with limited areas can separate their waste from their own homes by using BIOMIRU for cooking by utilizing organic waste from their kitchen or garden.

Business Incubation

To boost the community’s economy, YRE believes in the
capabilities of entrepreneurial businesses and Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in supporting the national economy through mentoring activities or social business incubation. Recognizing the high participation of women in the movement for the country’s economic values is very important to be fully supported.

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