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Product Research, Development, and Implementation

Renewable energy provided by Rumah Energi cannot be separated from technological development and user experience to make optimal use of technology and products.

Aiming to support the spread of sustainable energy throughout Indonesia and reduce the potential for environmental pollution, the periodic development is carried out by Rumah Energi through biogas by processing its organic waste. However, it turns out that not only organic leftovers from the kitchen or breeding activities can become renewable new energy, in 2019 Rumah Energi began to explore the potential of used cooking oil to be used as biodiesel and other functional products.

The development is related to the House Biogas (BIRU) program with new innovations, namely Mini Home Biogas (BIOMIRU). This development is carried out to answer the challenges of land limitations or the amount of biogas raw material to be processed. In other energy source materials, waste cooking oil from households or food producers can be used as biodiesel fuel and materials for making soap and candles.

Rumah Energi develops biogas installations that are more friendly in size with limited land area, namely Mini Home Biogas (BIOMIRU).

With the presence of BIOMIRU, not only breeders can benefit from biogas, even urban communities with limited areas can separate their waste from their own homes by using BIOMIRU for cooking by utilizing organic waste from their kitchen or garden.

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