Inauguration of the collaboration between Yayasan Rumah Energi and Pertamina BPST-EP2 alumni

On July 28, 2020, Yayasan Rumah Energi in collaboration with the alumni of BPST-EP2 (Technical Professional Guidance for Pertamina EP2), Pertamina Peduli succeeded in building three units of biogas reactors for dairy farmers in Kp. Gunung Tonjong Village, Tajurhalang District.

One of the beneficiaries of this project is Pak Namat, as a member of the Insan Tani livestock group at Kp. Gunung has started dairy farming in 2005. Pak Namat’s dairy products are usually partially deposited to the cooperative and partly to be sold independently. Then in 2008, the Insan Tani Livestock Group received socialization about biogas by utilizing cow dung from the Tajurhalang District Government. Knowing the benefits that can be obtained from building a biodigester installation, livestock groups try to submit proposals to the government in villages, sub-districts to regencies in order to get biogas development assistance. However, it is unfortunate, from the 20 proposals that are submitted every year, the Insan Tani livestock group has not even managed to get this assistance. It is unfortunate because the potential is quite large in this village with an average of 4 cattle owned per head per family. With cow dung which is used as clean energy for cooking and natural bio-slurry fertilizer from biogas waste, biogas users not only save on cooking fuel but can also resell bio-slurry for additional income.

After waiting for biogas for quite a long time, it turns out that the prayers of Mr Namat and the Insan Tani livestock group were only answered in 2020. Through donors who are members of the BPST-EP2 alumni, the wishes of Pak Namat and others can be realized. In collaboration with the Rumah Energi Foundation, BPST-EP2 alumni have accommodated a number of social funds for the construction of 3 biodigester installation units with the aim of community empowerment. Pak Namat and his family and 2 other beneficiary families felt unstoppable. Thousands of times they thanked the alumni of BPST-EP2 when it was launched on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. In the future, the hope of the alumni of BPST-EP2 that the beneficiaries will no longer need to buy LPG to save family expenses, and bio-slurry can be utilized in a sustainable manner. maximum.

6 August 2020