Independent with Energy

As a form of Yayasan Rumah Energi (Rumah Energi) celebrating the 75th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, we believe that a transition to renewable energy is possible. Rumah Energi together with women from Desa Damai Wahid Foundation is competing to cook with mini home biogas (BIOMIRU) as a household scale biogas technology made of Polyethylene (PE).

What is BIOMIRU?

Home mini biogas (BIOMIRU) is the latest product innovation from Rumah Energi for urbanites as a solution for processing household waste into energy. BIOMIRU utilizes methane gas released by organic waste during the digestion process as biogas for cooking.

With the principle from the kitchen back to the kitchen, Rumah Energi introduced BIOMIRU as a system for recycling household organic waste into biogas which can replace the role of LPG gas which is getting more expensive every day. In addition, with the results of BIOMIRU’s waste in the form of natural fertilizer ( bio-slurry ) which is used for urban¬†farming.

Amazingly BIOMIRU

  1. Process of organic waste from your own kitchen. With BIOMIRU, organic waste from your kitchen is treated and does not contribute to gas emissions in the atmosphere.
  2. Economical and long term investment. With BIOMIRU one time to pay for the next. As well as additional income from savings or utilization of biogas and bio-slurry.
  3. Savings on LPG gas expenditure.
  4. Utilization of organic fertilizers (bio-slurry). To make the land more fertile crops healthy and harvests bountiful. Take advantage of bio-slurry also for farming activities at home.
  5. The kitchen is cleaner and healthier and free of smoke that can affect user’s health.

Freedom with Energy

Peace is not only about preventing conflicts between humans but as humans, we must ensure that our lives are in peace with nature and the environment. Let’s watch the excitement of cooking competitions with BIOMIRU in the video below!

25 August 2020