Biogas User Survey (BUS) Consultant

Duration of Contract      :  4 month (Oct 2020 – Jan 2021)

Deadline submission      : 25 Oct 2020

Document required        : Proposal with detailed budget proposed

IDBP has been registered as a Voluntary Gold Standard Program of Activities in 2013. Biogas User Survey 2020 must be done where all parameters that refer to indicators which are related to the SDG Impact monitoring under the Gold Standard for the Global Goals (GS4GG). The User Survey will therefore also be used a Carbon Monitoring Survey in line with the monitoring requirements set forth under the Gold Standard.

For this purpose, IDBP will engage a suitable consultant to conduct the Users Survey for the current year 2020. For that reason the company will be engaged to undertake this 9th user survey after provided agreement is reached on price and contract conditions.

The scope of work will be to assess and analyses the following aspects of biogas:

  1. Impact on health and sanitation
  2. Impact on socio-economic conditions
  3. Technical performance of the biogas plants
  4. User’s satisfaction and perception
  5. Impacts on gender
  6. Agricultural systems
  7. Energy, emission reduction and sustainable development impacts
  8. Excellence, efficiency, and effectiveness of biogas versus conventional fuel

The details of each of the aspects are as explained in on this document.
For proposals and budget details email

21 October 2020