Abundant Odot Harvest, Businesses That Develop Thanks to Bio-slurry

Who would have thought that building biogas would provide abundant blessings for business. That is what Agus Purnomo feels as a biogas user who works as a dairy farmer from Ringinagung Hamlet, Medowo Village, Kec. Kandangan, Kab. Kediri. Agus uses bio-slurry in planting odot grass (Pennisetum purpureum cv. Mott), in an area of ​​± 4 hectares.

Starting from Agus, Wanto, who was interested in building biogas, so it was finally implemented. Agus also saw bio-slurry or biogas waste that he could use especially for his odot plant. Bio-slurry is known as a natural fertilizer that can make plants bushier, have higher quality, and also improve the land. In addition to obtaining bio-slurry from his brother’s biogas unit, Agus also uses bio-slurry from another user in the area, Benua.

To fertilize an area of ​​1 hectare, Agus needs ± 30-35 tonnes of dry bio-slurry. Fertilizer is applied once before planting odot and then given again after 2-3 years. For bio-slurry fertilizer, besides being obtained from the 2 existing digester units, Agus also buys biogas users from KUD Kertajaya members. Agus bought 1 sack of solid bio-slurry weighing 30-40 kg for IDR 5,000 / sack.

Agus partners with KUD Kertajaya on a contract system so that all the odot harvested will be purchased by KUD Kertajaya according to the market price of between Rp. 250 – Rp. 400 / kg. This is in order to meet the forage / grass needs for KUD Kertajaya members. A subsidy of Rp. 50 / kg is given by KUD Kertajaya to farmers when the price of odot reaches its highest point of Rp. 450 / kg so that the selling price to farmers is Rp. 400 / kg. KUD Kertajaya also gives a subsidy of Rp. 50 / kg to farmers who plant odot if the price reaches the lowest point of Rp. 250 / kg so that the selling price becomes Rp. 300 / kg. KUD Kertajaya grass outlet was established in mid 2016.

In the rainy season 1 Ha of land can produce 70 tonnes of odot with a planting period of 50-60 days. During the dry season, the yield of odot is around 50 tons. In 1 day in the rainy season the sales of odot grass at KUD Kertajaya outlets reached 2.5 tons of odot. In the dry season it can reach 6 tons.

The first planting cost + seeds + labor for 1 hectare land is ± IDR 30,000,000. Purchase seeds only once because after being harvested there is no need for seeds anymore. 1 Ha requires 15,000 sticks at a price of IDR 50,000 / 300 sticks. For seedlings, it costs ± IDR 2,500,000 / Ha. From rhizomes / rhizomes (plant stems that grow under the soil surface, can produce new shoots and roots from the joints), odot will grow back and this can last up to 4-5 years. Cutting and carrying costs Rp. 150,000 / ton, for 50 tonnes of odot it costs Rp. 7,500,000 / harvest. The proceeds from selling 1 hectare of odot weighing ± 50 tons at a price of Rp. 325 / kg yielded Rp. 16,250,000. With the addition of bio-slurry for fertilizer there was an increase in the yield of odot by 20%. Per 1 m2 area can produce as much as 5 kg of odot.

Simple analysis of Pak Agus’ odot grass business with a land area of 1 hectare for 1 year with 4 times the harvest:

No Expenses First-time production costs Production cost per 1x harvest First year production costs (4x harvest) Production costs 2-4 years (4x harvest)
1 The first planting cost + seeds + labor for 1 hectare of land IDR 30,000,000 IDR 30,000,000
2 Cutting and carrying costs per harvest 1 Ha IDR 7,500,000 IDR 7,500,000 IDR 30,000,000 IDR 30,000,000
3 Urea fertilizer purchase costs IDR 360,000 IDR 360,000 IDR 1,440,000 IDR 1,440,000
  TOTAL IDR 37,860,000 IDR 7,860,000 IDR 61,440,000 IDR 31,440,000
No Notes The proceeds from selling odot per harvest 1Ha Sales of odot 1 year 1Ha (4x harvests) First year net income (1Ha) Net income for year 2-3 (1Ha)
1 The yield of 1 hectare per planting season is 50,000 kg at a price of Rp. 325 / kg IDR 16,250,000 IDR 65,000,000 IDR 65,000,000 – IDR 61,440,000 IDR 65,000,000 – IDR 31,440,000
  TOTAL IDR 16,250,000 IDR 65,000,000 IDR 3,560,000 IDR 33,560,000

1 April 2021