Benefits of Biogas for the Kitchen Cannot Be Underestimated

The benefits obtained from biogas for cooking cannot be underestimated. Biogas can be one of the energy sources to transition from fossil energy to renewable energy.

Teguh Sutikno, one of the cattle farmers in Dungus Hamlet, Mundu Village, Tulung Subdistrict, Klaten, explained the benefits received since he built the biodigester in 2014. Since biodigester is still operating until now, he no longer buys liquid propane gas for cooking.

Teguh said, the savings he made to cook around IDR 54,000 per month assuming a month requires three 3-kg liquid propane tubes at a price of IDR 18,000 per tube. In addition, he also benefits from the sale of his biogas waste (bioslurry) at a price of around IDR 5,000 per kg.

Program Manager BIRU Yayasan Rumah Energi Chabi Batur Romzini (Bibah) said, large biodigester is indeed very possible to be integrated with power plants. However, the benefits of biogas for cooking also cannot be ruled out.

Based on Biogas User Survey 2020, energy savings for cooking can reach IDR 50,000. In addition, another benefit that can be obtained from the application of biogas is the potential income from bioslurry, the biogas waste.

“If added with bioslurry (utilizing biogas waste to their own farms or sold), farmers can get additional income ranging from IDR 75,000 to IDR 2,000,000,” Bibah said.

Building biogas will also contribute to the environmental conservation as it can reduce the carbon dioxide gas released into the air. At least 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per year will be reduced by building 1 unit of 6-cubic-meter biogas.

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17 November 2021