Coffee Processing Efficiency with Renewable Energy Technology


West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is one of the provinces with the best coffee producers in Indonesia with very diverse types of coffee. Based on data owned by the NTB Province in 2021, total 865.69 tons of coffee produced. With the large production, the challenges will also increase. Apart from coffee as the main commodity, the production of other commodities such as bananas and cocoa is also quite a lot. In the process of processing the production of these commodities, the weather is an aspect that is quite influential. Erratic weather causes the processing to be constrained, so technological intervention is needed to maintain the quality of the resulting processing products.

On the other hand, Indonesia has considerable renewable energy potential. Renewable energy sources are available around the community that can be utilized. Apart from being dependent on the weather, the coffee processing process also goes through many stages, and the production costs are quite larges. Renewable energy interventions can be an alternative to help save time and costs in the coffee processing process. Renewable energy technologies its can utilized in coffee processing include Solar Dryer Domes, Solar Rooftops, and Biogas.


In coffee processing, biogas can help the coffee frying process. The process of frying coffee takes quite a lot of time, which has implications for the need for a lot of fuel. With biogas technology, coffee processing can reduce costs in using LPG or firewood, so biogas can reduce production costs. Meanwhile, solar dryer domes and rooftop PLTS are very helpful in maximizing the coffee drying process, resulting in time efficiency and production cost savings. In addition, coffee beans that are dried by the solar dryer dome can be maintained with good quality, clean, and retain their original taste.


Some time ago, the field visit carried out by all elements of the beneficiaries of the Pro Women for Renewable Energy project including the Community, Local Government, and Financial Institutions to the biogas and solar PV renewable energy facilities located at KWT Kaki Rinjani, Karang Sidemen Village, Batukliang District North, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. In this activity, the presentation given regarding renewable energy technology (biogas and solar PV), testimonials from users, and ended with seeing firsthand the facilities of renewable energy technology and the use of these technologies. This field visit activity aims to provide understanding and experience about the importance of renewable energy in making the coffee processing process efficient. With that understanding and experiences, we hope that renewable energy will have even more benefits in the coffee processing process.


“In the past (before there was a solar dryer dome), it took a long time to dry it. Now that there is a solar dryer dome, I can dry coffee quickly, and I don’t have to run around when it rains” – Verapaty Setya, KWT Kaki Rinjani.

30 August 2023