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About Rumah Energi

By giving the community access to what they need we believe will bring them into a better living.

Yayasan Rumah Energi (Rumah Energi) is a non-profit grassroots CSO level civil society organization established since 2012. Rumah Energi has implemented programs focusing on Renewable Energy, Climate-Smart Agriculture, and Social Entrepeneurship.

Program BIRU
The Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme is an initiative of Hivos and SNV...
Biogas RESCO
The Domestic Biogas Program (BIRU) involves multi parties from various groups including construction partners
The ASA-Lombok Program (ICCTF) is implemented in Salut Village in North Lombok Regency, NTB
Pro Women
Pro-Women: Empowering and Assisting Women Entrepreneurs on Lombok
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