Socialization of HATI Kalimalang Program at Gebyar Mer-DESA Festival

Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE) had the opportunity to be a performer in the Gebyar Mer-DESA Festival which was held by Patriot Desa, Bekasi Regency. On this occasion, YRE represented by Jihan Ahmad Assyabani explained the program “Seeing, Sharing, and Working for Kalimalang” or HATI Kalimalang which aims to improve water quality in the West Tarum Canal or Kalimalang through an advocacy approach and is carried out collaboratively by involving various stakeholders elements.

At the event which was attended by representatives of villages throughout Bekasi Regency, the socialization of the HATI Kalimalang program was aimed at informing the program to the participants, especially village officials. This is done to increase public awareness, especially those who live around Kalimalang, to participate in maintaining and playing a role in preventing pollution, especially in Kalimalang, considering the very vital role of Kalimalang as a supplier of raw water for the residents of Bekasi and Jakarta, including for the industrial needs of business entities that depend on them. in Kalimalang. It is hoped that this socialization can open the door for new collaborations, especially with the village government, so that the synergistic collaboration node is more solid and relevant to encourage the improvement of Kalimalang water quality.

This event presents talk shows and question-and-answer sessions from various stakeholders such as the Bekasi Regency Government, DPR-RI, representatives of the Ministry of Home Affairs, West Java DPMD, Village Practitioners, and Academics. Not only talk shows and questions and answers, this event also presents bazaar activities from various MSMEs, communities, and NGOs. YRE itself had the opportunity to fill one of the booths by making a display for the introduction of the HATI Kalimalang program accompanied by video screenings and direct interaction with visitors.

Written by: Fauzan Ramadhan
Edited by: Fauzan Ramadhan

8 November 2022