Forum Tarum Barat Juara Opens 2023 with the First Working Meeting

Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE) together with President University held the first working meeting of the Tarum Barat Juara (TBJ) forum at the President University campus, Cikarang, West Java at the end of last January. The agenda discussed at the work meeting included the results of a raw water quality study, agreeing on the interventions to be carried out, the tree planting plan, and the plan to build an educational space around Siphon Cibeet.

This activity is a continuation of efforts to improve water quality in the West Tarum Canal or Kalimalang through the “Seeing, Working, and Sharing for Kalimalang” or HATI Kalimalang program. This working meeting was attended by members of the TBJ forum which consisted of cross elements of the petha-helix, namely Perum Jasa Tirta II, Citarum Harum Task Force represented by Dansector 17 & Dansector 20, the Bekasi Regency Environmental Service (DLH), Bekasi Regency Village Patriot, President University, and the Save Kali Cikarang community, as well as the Anchor Ecovillage Bekasi Regency.

The working meeting resulted in several agreements, namely the TBJ forum will conduct a raw water quality review which will be routinely issued every year. Apart from that, it was also agreed that the pilot action to be carried out in 2023 would be an effort to monitor land occupancy from illegal buildings, through the allocation of borderland for nurseries and tree planting. Meanwhile, concerning the educational space, it is planned to also contain information boards on the importance of Kalimalang’s raw water source as a water resource for the people of Jakarta and the industries that also use it. The work meeting was closed by handing over jackets which symbolically indicated that there would be joint work for Kalimalang.

Written by: Primagia Anugrah Lestari
Edited by: Fauzan Ramadhan

14 February 2023