Training on the Use of Biogas and Utilization of Bio-slurry for Farmers in Boyolali

Pelatihan Penggunaan Biogas di Boyolali Rumah Energi

The key to a biogas reactor that functions well is to carry out regular maintenance according to maintenance instructions. The proper functioning of a biogas reactor is directly related to the quality of use and maintenance carried out by the user. The user’s role is very important in maintaining the function of their reactor for the long term and avoiding complex problems. Users must focus on how to use biogas correctly so that complicated repairs can be avoided.

Processing animal waste into biogas provides many benefits. Apart from producing an energy source, another product that is no less useful is biogas dregs (bio-slurry). Bio-slurry is the final product of waste processing in the form of sludge which is very useful as a source of nutrition for plants. Not only does it have good nutritional content, but bio-slurry contains beneficial pro-biotic microbes that are useful for increasing the fertility and health of agricultural land. So, it has an impact on increasing the quality and quantity of harvests.

Rumah Energi Foundation (YRE) conducted training on the use of biogas and the use of bio-slurry for dairy farmers in Boyolali, Central Java at the end of February. The training was attended by 37 biogas users who are also beneficiaries of the Local Milk Sourcing (LMS) project. The training material provided is about the use and maintenance of biogas, general use, and maintenance issues, as well as how to process and utilize bio-slurry. This training was carried out 25% in theory and 75% in direct practice in the use and maintenance of biogas, as well as the use of bio-slurry for agriculture. It is hoped that this training will enable the beneficiaries to be able to carry out biogas treatment, as well as be able to process and utilize bio-slurry to support their agriculture.

7 March 2024