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Hati Kalimalang Program

Water conservation project with an advocacy approach that involves key stakeholders in a collaborative movement to improve water quality.

West Tarum Canal or Kalimalang is the main support for clean water supply for settlements and industries from Karawang, Bekasi, to Jakarta. This is the basis for the need to maintain the quality of Kalimalang water.

Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE) through the program “Seeing, Sharing, and Working for Kalimalang” seeks to encourage the formation of movements and collaborations with stakeholders with an interest in Kalimalang on a stage together with long-term action and monitoring.

This joint movement will be accompanied to deliver a pilot action activity for reducing water pollution and improving Kalimalang water quality in long term.

For more information please contact konservasi.air@rumahenergi.org

Operation Map Hati Kalimalang Program

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