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Climate-Smart Agriculture

In line with Rumah Energi’s vision to create resilient communities in energy and food security, Rumah Energi also contributes in providing added value to the climate-smart agriculture (CSA) sector.

As an effort in climate change mitigation and adaptation in the agricultural sector, Rumah Energi supports initiatives that increase commodities production, increase communities’ resiliency, and decrease greenhouse gases.

Rumah Energi also increases communities’ capacities in agriculture (actors, practitioners, teaching staff, and related government agencies) and introduces rainwater collection technology which is equipped with a hydraulic pump in Salut village community, Lombok, to support irrigation systems for food crops in long dry seasons. Bio-slurry, the residue of biogas technology which is also known as brown gold by FAO, can be used as natural fertilizers for any food crops and aquaculture as well as a soil conditioner.

Our Operation Map for Climate-Smart Agriculture Program


The ASA-Lombok Program (ICCTF) is implemented in Salut Village in North Lombok Regency, NTB
Duckweed Project
Under the GADING program, Rumah Energi contributed to support workforce development
Soil Sampling Project
Hivos supports the development of a Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) carbon accounting methodology
Water Harvesting Tank & Drip Irrigation
The residents of Salut village, NTB face the problem of water scarcity
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