Mendalami Solusi Berbasis Alam Integrasi Energi Terbarukan dan Pertanian Berkelanjutan

The third series of the South-South Biogas Community (SSBC) webinar presents a discussion about nature-based solutions for integrating renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, known as Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). This webinar was guided by a moderator involving three panelists, namely Nisa Usman, Jackson Abuli, and Andre Susanto. This webinar, which was […]

Roundtable Discussion Peran Koperasi untuk Perubahan Iklim

Cooperatives as financial institutions operating at the grassroots level are one of the institutions that are quite vulnerable to climate change. Based on the assumption that climate change has potential to cause risks that can reduce the income level of cooperative members. However, cooperatives exposure to climate change issues tends […]

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